Does ‘Lightweight’ Equal ‘Less Safe’ in Automobile Design?

Fuel efficiency rules in US mandate passenger vehicles to achieve 54.5 mpg average by 2025. Meeting this big challenge requires new technology, including large reductions in vehicle mass. Is a lighter vehicle less safe in crashes? What does it imply for manufacturers and for customers? How important is vehicle’e mass in assessing product liability? Should the vehicle’s mass be considered a factor in investigating accident causation and the injury causation?

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Energy Efficiency & Safety Improvement by Intelligent Tire-and-Vehicle Systems

Intelligent tires-and-vehicle systems, in which tire-embedded sensors are integrated with vehicle-based controls to optimize the vehicle’s energy efficiency and safety, are a major step towards achieving transportation sustainability. This article¬†originally appeared in International Tire Technology, July 2014 and is a summary of the contents of a recently developed course .

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